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Arbitration Rules  |   Mediation Rules

These model arbitration and mediation rules are offered free of charge as a public service to lawyers and their clients. They are appropriate for business, commercial and financial arbitrations and mediations conducted in Wisconsin or involving one or more Wisconsin parties.

The rules are tailored to the requirements of small-to-mid-sized businesses and their customers, suppliers and contract partners.

Parties using these rules need not pay any case-filing or administrative fees, and they are free to select any arbitrators or mediators they might wish.

The rules can be modified by agreement of the affected parties, and with the consent of presiding neutral(s), as necessary to meet the particular needs of any individual case.

Questions or comments about any aspect of these rules, including their meaning or application, as well as suggestions for improvements, are highly encouraged, and may be addressed to Terry F. Peppard at: Post Office Box 5101, Madison, WI 53705, or phone / FAX 608-233-7799 or tfp@peppard-adr.com